sand-footprints-43562Art of Relaxation is a specialized art that tenses and relaxes the body, part by part, systematically.  A 30 minute session, which is believed to be as rejuvenating as a four-hour sleep, is designed to completely relax and refresh the body and mind. Highly beneficial for combating stress, lack of sleep and tiredness, Art of Relaxation is an excellent way to achieve deep physical and mental relaxation and experience increased calmness, happiness and creativity.

Art of Relaxation works to help provide complete psychological, physiological and emotional health through guided instructions which systematically lead you to a high state of relaxation. After a set of gentle stretches, you will be guided to rotate your awareness through the body, part by part, using mindful breathing techniques, while simultaneously releasing physical and mental accumulated worries and stress.

Getting centered: We often speak of feeling off-balance and of wanting to be centered. Our Art of Relaxation workshops can help you find your balance and center, and these effects can bring tremendous health benefits on a physical level by positively regulating the autonomic nervous system. But there are also great emotional and energetic benefits as well. This deep relaxation technique not only highly relaxes the body and mind, it works directly to foster individual growth and advancement by incorporating positive ideas and releasing negative thoughts and emotions, specifically while in the heightened state of relaxation and awareness.

Irrespective of age, body limitations or health conditions, anyone may practice the Art of Relaxation, either for personal growth or just for deep physiological, psychological and emotional relaxation. Unless your focus is only to experience a deeper level of relaxation, it is best not to fall asleep and instead maintain awareness throughout the practice. But if you are one of those unfortunate souls who is always tired or who never manages to get much rest, you will benefit immensely from this ancient practice, since half hour of this technique is said to be as rejuvenating as four hours of deep sleep.

Whenever you are in need of some deep relaxation, want to plant new ideas into your head or break off destructive past habits, need some much needed sleep, need to destress the body and mind, try our Art of Relaxation workshop and, quite possibly, life may never be the same again!

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost for Private Session: $60
Cost for Package of 3 Sessions: $140
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