Reiki is the art of healing the body and mind through Universal Energy (energy from the source). By systematically directing the energy to various focal points or chakras in the body, through sweeping the aura to clear it, re-charging the chakras and closing and sealing the aura, the art of Reiki, which originated in Japan, can be used for both physical healing and overall energization. Valerie Fernando is a certified Reiki Master Teacher (Usui lineage), trained in India and USA.

Simply contact us to schedule an appointment and enjoy a Reiki Energization session for your well-being.  The Reiki practitioner is only a channel for Reiki energy to flow, and whatever healing that may occur is only through the Grace of the Divine.

Time: Approximately 1.5 hours to energize and balance all major Chakras.
Suggested donation: $60 for a session. $250 for a package of 5 sessions. If you have financial difficulties a discount may be arranged at our discretion.
To schedule a Reiki Session, please contact us by clicking below:
Please note that Reiki is intended to complement regular medicine, not replace it. Pranamaya Studios does not make any medical diagnosis or prescribe medications. For severe ailments or medical conditions, please consult your physician.