Guided Meditation

meditation-beach-5332Meditation is no longer only for the traditional yogi sitting cross-legged in a cave in the Himalayan foothills or for the New Age hippie crowd. It is widely being accepted as a tried and tested method of immense benefits to the body, mind and Soul. Some of the many physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits are: relief of stress, deeper levels of physical relaxation, harmonization of the endocrine system, relaxation of the nervous system,  increased creativity and intuition, deeper control over the mind and thoughts and a greater stabilization, balance and purity of personality and self.

Meditation helps to live in the NOW, the present moment. Overall, meditation improves our relationships with family, friends and co-workers due to increased receptivity to accept people and appreciate them for who they are.

Meditation is simply the observation of our thoughts, a way of being aware of our behavior, attitude and emotions, without judgement. It is the art of connection to our higher Self, through silent introspection and contemplation.

In sleep our Soul is recharged with Cosmic Energy. In meditation, we consciously recharge our pranamaya body (energy / etheric body) with cosmic energy. Meditation is a journey towards Self, which differs from our ego-attached self. The more we meditate, the more ‘mind’ becomes calm and receptive to receive intuitive knowledge and understanding of the Self. This understanding will lead to  improving our interpersonal relationships, inner peace, unity and harmony.

In meditation, our pranamaya is flooded with nourishing and healing cosmic energy, which helps to expand our consciousness. Even though we receive some cosmic energy in our sleep, the quantity is insufficient to carry out our daily activities, hence we feel tired and exhausted. The more we meditate, the more cosmic energy we will receive.

Modern scientists, as well as medical practitioners, are now beginning to accept the wondrous results that meditation has on stress, mental disorders and general well-being.

Cosmic energy is essential to live a healthy, balanced life. You may start to meditate on your own. Just find a calm, peaceful place with good ventilation and without noise. Sit comfortably in a posture that is convenient, preferably cross legged to contain the energy within the body, but this is not essential if it is uncomfortable. Observe the breath, until your mind becomes calmer. With practice and with time, you will learn to meditate on your own, just by following the breath.

Our field of consciousness is the field of unity and peace. We can access it daily, through meditation.

“All spiritual solutions depend on expanding awareness. Problems occur in contracted awareness, solutions occur in expanded awareness. In pure awareness there are no problems, therefore there is no need for solutions. There are only creative opportunities. How to achieve this? Every situation we find ourselves in is influenced by perception, expectation, assumption, beliefs and feelings. We can evaluate these five factors to define our awareness level. Pure awareness can be reached through transcendence, through meditation. Step into the field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity, infinite potential.” -Deepak Chopra

We can overcome all our problems, simply by expanding our awareness, which can be achieved through meditation. By learning how to meditate we learn how to take care of our troubles.

Learn more about meditation and how it can help you and your life and the world at large. There different techniques that help to improve focus, relieve stress and sooth emotional issues, as well as for deepening meditation practice.