Yoga Classes


At Pranamaya Studios we offer beginner & intermediate level classes in traditional Hatha Yoga, for those who wish to deepen their spiritual awareness and mental focus and faculties. Personal consultations can be arranged for any of our classes upon request.

Of all the wonderful branches of various types of yoga that have made their way to the West, Hatha Yoga is the branch that deals directly with connecting both physical and spiritual health and well-being. At Pranamaya Studios, we offer traditional teachings in the practices of Hatha Yoga in order to develop physical flexibility and strength, mental focus and concentration, and to cultivate the physical, mental and spiritual well-being that we all desire.

Yoga is gentle on the body and the mind, yet when practiced with diligence it is an extremely powerful tool for improving both physical and mental faculties. It develops immense mental concentration, focus and strength. The postures work on the body systematically, from one posture flowing into another, working on the various parts of the body, muscles, joints, and energy centers, as well as developing the clarity and focus of mindful awareness.

Private classes and organized group classes can be scheduled at your convenience, in-home or in-office.

We offer a FREE assessment class and consultation, in order to plan the class structure that best suits the individual’s requirements / body type / health concerns.

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