About Valerie

Valerie Fernando, founder of Pranamaya Studios, is a native of Sri Lanka, where she worked and traveled the world as a Flight Attendant and Crew Chief for Sri Lankan Air Lines.

Drawn to meditation as a child, she began practicing Hatha Yoga and meditation on a regular basis from an early age.

In 2008 Valerie took a sabbatical from work to become certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanawantari Ashram in Kerala (South India). There she lived full time for a month and completed the resident ‘Teacher Training Course’ under the tutelage of renowned yoga teacher Mani Chaitanya.

Soon after, she left her lucrative job as Chief Flight Attendant in order to pursue spirituality on a deeper level and to devote herself to teaching yoga and meditation full-time. At this time she moved to Madurai (South India) and worked as staff at the Madurai Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram for a period of 4 months, under the guidance of then ashram director Swami Govindananda Saraswati. During her stay she gained a more extensive understanding about Vedic culture and yogic traditions through Swami Govindanada’s wisdom and the many teachings and experiences that were performed at the ashram temple.

While in Madurai, Valerie also took the opportunity to study and qualify as a Reiki 2nd Degree Practitioner (Usui lineage), from Reiki Master Jacqueline Keita, a French national who lives in Kodaikanal (South India).

After her work and training in India, Valerie relocated to the United States where she was introduced to indigenous healing traditions from both North and South America. Through her deepening practice she has been intuitively guided to creatively combine both Eastern traditions of energy work and the universal ways of natural indigenous healing to help dispel and clear negative energies and cultivate a positive environment for both inward and outward space: mind, body, soul and home.

Valerie now lives in Asheville, NC with her husband and their dog Yoda where, through Pranamaya Studios, she shares her workshops, classes, teachings and services.