Pranamaya Studios is dedicated to sharing the art of relaxation, and providing services to help others achieve balanced, healthy and stress-free living.

We offer company and group stress reduction workshops, classes for teens, as well as private and small group sessions.

I now have greater confidence in my practice, and greater calmness and increased energy in my life. Liam Walsh

What is it?


The art of relaxation: Ancient yet simple techniques of mindfulness that focus on increasing physical and mental relaxation, awareness and the releasing of stress for both the body and mind.

Group Workshops


Reduce Stress: Everyone is more productive when they have less stress. Our workshops for companies and organizations use mindfulness techniques to help decrease stress and anxiety, and improve awareness and focus both individually and as a group.

Classes for Teens


Teen mindfulness: An 8-week course for young people (aged 11-18), delivered in the classroom or in small groups. This course is designed to help teens feel calmer and more fulfilled, to increase concentration and to have a toolkit to deal with stress and anxiety.